In this true-life adventure story, Stacy Miller tells the tale of how he wandered across Europe, only to find himself a stowaway trying to get home on the illustrious RMS Queen Mary’s final voyage.  During the RMS Queen Mary’s “Last Great Cruise”, a thirty-nine-day historical voyage from Southampton, England, to Long Beach, California, via Cape Horn, Stacy boarded in Lisbon, Portugal, three days out of Southampton with thirty-six days left to her journey.  Though intending to stay undercover, he is discovered and made a crew member in the middle of this international affair. However, Stacy’s story isn’t just about being a stowaway on a ship.  It’s about how a twenty-one-year-old American boy grew up, became stranded in Europe, and took a leap of faith to become a part of an historical event.  Find out how his story ends in Stacy Miller’s action-packed memoir, The Last Stowaway: RMS QUEEN MARY.


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