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Writing this book has been a labor of love as I put my memoirs on paper to tell my story.  It is so exciting to finally see my book published and printed!  I am very excited to be featured on Gonzit, because I think this is a unique concept, and I’m honored that I’m among the first few authors to get noticed on this website.  I hope you’ll bookmark my Gonzit page and visit often, and maybe even become an affiliate of mine and earn a few dollars telling others about my book and my adventures!

One thought on “Stacy Miller’s first Blog

  1. stacymiller Post author

    If this would become a big screen movie my interview on KSWO would be priceless. Just doing some positive thinking but I do have someone in the know on the Queen Mary who is presently seeking to make this a possibility. I really do think it would make a nice all around family movie. True high seas adventure is something we don’t see too much of any more. In my book I even tell you why she became so famous.


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